Tuesday, June 24, 2008

5 Ways to Build Readership

If you’re tired of nobody reading your blog then you need traffic. Traffic of course is a very important aspect of online success. That’s why marketers and new site owners pay for ad spots just to drive traffic to their site. Okay, if you’ve got thousands of visitors everyday, then how do you make them stick? Repeat visitors, of course, are the ones who’re easy to convert into paying visitors; because they’re the ones who know what you’re blog has to offer. Again, how do you make first-time visitors repeat visitors and repeat visitors paying visitors?

On an average the average visitor spends 8 seconds on a site. So how do you make them stick for a while? Getting their attentions and making them interact with your site is the key to online success. Now here are some points which will surely make your visitors stay around.

1) Informative Content – if you have a nice-looking site with no content then it’s like a runaway model with an empty brain. You pay for traffic with your money, time and effort, but with no content? Content, informative content especially, is what keeps them to come back. This is one of the reasons for a visitor to spend more time on your beloved site because of its mesmeric quality of content. But be sure to provide content uniquely and creatively because it’s common to find sites with similar contents. Make yours stand out. Okay?

3) Fast loading page - Visitors are easy to turn off. Slow downloads of your precious web pages will make them hop to another site. So don’t overload your site with heavy graphics. Clean up! Try this website speed test.The relevant range of loading time is between 0-8 seconds w/o taking into account internet connection.

4) Distracting your visitors is a no no! – A flashy site with pop-ups connotes despair. They’re desperately trying to get our attention. I know you don’t feel comfortable when you come across this kind of sites. So don’t try it on your own. Let’s learn from their mistakes.

5) Information architecture - is the structure, organization, navigation, labeling and indexing of your site. Is your site easy to navigate? Are related posts easy to find? Are your links and ads related? Make these questions a guide. You can ask your family and friends to browse your site and get feedback from them. That will surely help. Remember that your goal is to make visitors stay for long.

6) Call to action – Engage your visitors to interact with your site. You can add a soduku or whatever game you like, a chatbox, a poll widget or anything interactive that will keep them kinda busy for a while.

That’s it!

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