Saturday, July 26, 2008

Why manage your time for blogging and Five Simple ways to do it

I realized that I’m spending more time online; surfing the net for cool stuffs and reading my emails though I’m not productive in 80% of all cases. I don’t have a list for the things I have to do on a certain day aside from the one deep in my brain. The tendency is that I always forgot about them (things I have to do) and do something fruitless instead. My family complained about my one-on-one with my computer; I even broke a glass while washing the dishes (we don’t have a helper) because I was so eager to read readers’ comments from my Pinoy Models Blog (and from here too); that I’m trading off my studies for my odyssey of making money online. My eye bags got worse that I have to buy an eye stress gel and my pimple-prone skin is having a strike against invading bacteria (I care about how I look because it’s different when you’re handsome, just kidding). The worse thing is: I’m not earning yet.

I must admit that I’m still a newbie to blogging and money making online. And if you’re like me, who’re making a fuss about small things, impulsive, and want things get done in a snap, we need to put things back again to what’s considered normal. Sitting up all day with your computer is being self-centered. And if you’re like me who is sick about not being productive you should read the list below.

  1. What I’m going to do is to automate postings (click how to here) for the week so that during weekdays I’ll do nothing but to answer comments and submit posts them to Digg and others. Okay, as an example, I have post-dated this post to July 26, 2008, this is written on July 25, 2008. haha

  1. Set up a physical list on the things you want to do online for the day and on how much time you are allotting to each. In my case, I have to cut off time spent on yahoo messenger and skype messenger, because they’re just so addicting. In your case, halve your time for porn, youtube and friendster. Haha.

  1. Schedule your email reading. If you’re like me who is so busy with nothing but reading mails every now and then, then let’s schedule our email reading to once in the morning after we wake up and once in the evening after we’ve done our top priorities and before going to bed. Note that you must turn off your messengers so that you won’t receive notifications if you’re receiving something. Unless of course you’re waiting for something very important.

  1. Create a Swipe File. Simply save your bookmarked or faved pages on a folder and print them for easy reading. FYI reading on your computer will take up 25% more energy than reading on print. If you want to read this page on print, simply click FILE button above, click SAVE AS, open a word document, click print layout view and then print. I have realized that it’s better to create a swipe file, put everything you’ve researched there and then schedule a time to read them all. After which, you can now create blog posts for the week and advance-post them.

  1. Don’t surf if you’re not a surfer. Multi-tasking is fun because it creates an illusion/HALLUCINATION that we’re class A guys who’re super busy doing seven things at a time. Let’s admit it, we sometimes can’ focus on the things that we are doing. Everything that we need is on the Internet that is why if we’re looking for something on the net the next thing you’ll know is you’re reading a useless e-book, signing up for bogus money makers, and playing a my-favorite-when-I-was-kid game. So schedule your time for research, put them all in a swipe file. Print them and when you’re doing an article or a blog post close all surf tabs and messengers and on the extreme, disconnect your internet connection so you won’t be tempted to do otherwise. Make surfing your reward for finishing the things you need to do.

So that is all for now, I’ll be updating the list if I can think of other ways aside from the five above. If you’ve got one, then comment it here to share. Thanks!

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Apol said...

Dugg! Great tips!