Saturday, August 9, 2008

Blogging and Traffic Tips Carnival Third Edition!

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(my apologies for the this late posting!)

Welcome to the August 9, 2008 edition of a blogging and traffic tips carnival.

and1id presents tips make visitors posted at blog tips, saying, "tips make visitor"

Sally Thompson presents 50 Awesome Search Engines Every Librarian Should Know About posted at Best Colleges Online.

Paul Gallion presents Learn to Blog for Fun and Profit posted at Paul Gallion.

Carl Ringwall presents I Heartily Endorse 3WayLinks To Get Backlinks- Why: posted at Data SystemsPlus.

AndrewB presents 33 Reasons to Start a Blog posted at Personal Hack, saying, "Thinking about starting a blog but need Motivation? Or maybe you have a blog but have lost motivation to keep it updated. Here are 33 motivators to keep you going. This post was featured on and is very popular ;)"

AndrewB presents Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid as A Blogger posted at Personal Hack, saying, "Biggest time wasters for bloggers, a must read for any online content publisher"

Carl Ringwall presents How Useful are Automated Social Bookmarking Tools? posted at Data SystemsPlus.

Robert Phillips presents Do You Have a Purpose? posted at CYBERCA$HOLOGY.

Robert Phillips presents 3 Simple Ways to Increase Blog Traffic posted at How to Create a DVD without Spending a Dime.

AndrewB presents 5 SEO Tips - Get BackLinks For Free posted at Personal Hack, saying, "Maybe you are a blogger. Or maybe you have your own personal site that you want to promote, and get more traffic for. The following Tips will help you get more search engine results for your website ;)"


Michael Bass presents Google Adsense Revenue Jan 08 - June 08 posted at Debt Prison, saying, "Each month my profit from google adsense has increased by an average of $23.00 each month. At this rate I’ll make $1000.00 per month in three more years."

blogging tips

Guardian Angel presents Why you should also read Blogs that are Different from your Blog Niche posted at Humane Blogging Tips, saying, "Reading blogs that do not have the same blog niche as yours can also be advantageous."

Peter Lee presents How To Get Repeat Visitors To Your Blog | Work From Home Business Blog posted at Work From Home Business Blog.

Relax presents How to blog with great substance posted at The Wise Curve, saying, "I would conclude that, without much knowledge or input, the blog will lack substance as the author will not have much to offer. Maybe the author will just toss some photos and that’s all. Good output needs the backing and support of sufficient input. I would like to say that to have a substantial blog, it is best to pick a core theme that one knows best."

Nesher presents Nice Name for your Blog with Domain TK posted at Collection of the Web Freebies.

Relax presents Does Twitter really improve our life? posted at The Wise Curve, saying, "With all the media hype and high profile hoo-ha, Twitter really seems to be a phenomenon. Is Twitter really the next big thing? Or is it just another overrated junk website? Does it really help to improve our life and prosper societies?"

Robert Webb presents 10 Blog Traffic Tips posted at

Tip Diva presents Tip Diva | Top Ten Tips - Editing Your WordPress Blog Layout posted at Tip Diva, saying, "When you first download a WordPress blog, you find yourself looking at its default layout - boring! Here are ways to make your blog more unique and exciting by editing your layout"

moneymaking online

The Grinder presents Using Freerolls to Build a Bankroll posted at Low Stakes Poker Player, saying, "Many successful online poker players have never made a
deposit to an online poker room. How is this possible? Through
freeroll tournaments."

k5I-Iitij presents $$Earn Online$$: Increase the traffic: posted at Affiliate programs--Earn Online, saying, "This article reveals some easy ways (but require hard work) to make some handsome income online."

Christopher Johnson presents 10 Ways To Earn Money In Your Spare Time posted at, saying, "10 Ways To Earn Money In Your Spare Time

Value Seeker presents Stock Investment Resource: Stock Market Investing Tips - Democrats and Offshore Drilling posted at Stock Investing, saying, "Author discusses the lunacy of the Democratic opposition to offshore drilling."

Fred Black presents Are you Fishing with Bird Seed? posted at Fred Black: Internet Business Blog..

First Lady Of Poker presents Women?s Poker - A Growing Trend posted at Shopping and Poker Blog, saying, "Few people expected that women would take such an interest in a game that's traditionally considered such a male-orientated sport."

Raymond presents Work From Home With Paid Online Surveys posted at Money Blue Book.

Raymond presents How To Make Money From Balance Transfer Credit Cards posted at Money Blue Book.

MoneyNing presents Blog Income - July 2008 posted at Busy Blogging Dot Com, saying, "Hope to provide inspiration to all!"

Liz presents 7 Reasons Your Online Business Will Fail posted at Nitro Marketing Blog, saying, "Are you making these 7 common mistakes with your internet business?"

Ozone presents Bodog Seizure posted at Online Poker Strategy, saying, "Last week, the U.S. government seized $24 million from a unlicensed payment processor known as ZipPayments."

Richard Adams presents 99% Of Success Online Is Selecting The Right Niche posted at No More Compromise.

Steve Faber presents - Online Business Resources - The Most Important Sites For Internet Marketing Success posted at Home Based Business Success.

Helen Anderson presents Protect Yourself When Shopping Online posted at Savings Accounts.

Tammy Powell presents 3 Ways to Make $300 on eBay Now! posted at Majestic Tech by an Enlightened Wealth Institute student.

Tammy Powell presents Enlightened Wealth Institute student Tammy Powell » Blog Archive » » Making Money Online: Sharpen Your Skill Sets posted at Enlightened Wealth Institute student Tammy Powell.

Kenton Newby presents Six More Upgrades to Supercharge Your Wordpress Blog posted at


supermom_in_ny presents Instantly Add Your Do Follow Blog! posted at Getting Out of Debt, saying, "This site was created out of frustration. I implemented all the things that I thought were obstacles in current do follow blog lists. I hope other bloggers find it useful."

korprit zombie presents Make Money Online - SEO - Building This Blog part 1 posted at Beginner Investing.

Justin Briggs presents Zombie Sniper SEO Wordpress Theme posted at Nashville SEO Zombie, saying, "SEO Wordpress theme used for targeting Adsense niche blogs. A dark gray / black theme with green highlights."

SEO Genius presents SEO Tutorials| All in one SEO posted at SEO Tutorials - SEO Tips and Tricks - Marketing Articles, saying, "A great series of SEO tutorials, step by step guides and articles with the option to download the whole eBook guide too. This definitely is an inifinitve guide to SEO."

Carol Bentley presents Do you make these writing mistakes.. posted at Carol Bentley.

Traffic2mypage presents Increase web traffic @ Top 500 One Way Link Directories Sorted By Page Rank - Part II » posted at, saying, "Top 500 one way link directories to build website traffic and increase your page rank"

Raivyn presents Basic Blog SEO: Niche Blogging Series Part V posted at Idiot's Guide to Blogging.

Traffic2mypage presents Top 100 Paid One Way Link Directories Sorted By Page Rank posted at, saying, "There are two relevant reasons why you will want to submit to directories. First is to acquire more targeted increase of web traffic to your site. Second reason is to construct link popularity in anticipation of building your search engine ranking and also your page rank. Getting your page ranked in search engines will assist you in increasing your web traffic

Here is a directory listing of the top 100 paid one way link directories that are sorted by page rank that you can submit your site to"

Sam presents SEO Insider Secrets for Search Engine Optimization | Surfer Sam posted at Surfer Sam and Friends, saying, "SEO Insider Secrets
Make Your Site a Magnet for Well-Targeted Web Traffic
Use Search Engine Optimization
Bust through the Search Engine Rankings"

Carol Bentley presents An amazing array of gifts for you. . . posted at Carol Bentley.

traffic tips

Carol Bentley presents Marketing genius, Jay Abraham, gives it all away - almost posted at Carol Bentley.

Traffic2mypage presents Using OBP to increase web traffic - Part III - Youtube posted at, saying, "Commenting on other sites is a sure fire way to increase web traffic. But how do you find sites that has active click participation?? You use Youtube! Find blogs to comment or advertise on by using youtube statistics.. Read how"

Traffic2mypage presents Increase web traffic @ posted at Traffic2MyPage Blog, saying, "i have compiled a list of 500 directories sorted by highest page rank on my blog that you can submit your links to to increase web traffic to your site.... i"

Carol Bentley presents Recession? Count me out. . . posted at Carol Bentley.

Richard Elmes presents How to maximize the effectiveness of your daily commute or drive time posted at The Sales Dating Guy, saying, "How to maximize the effectiveness of your daily commute or drive time by Richard Elmes CSP, The Sales Dating Guy,"

John Szram presents 4 Simple Ways To Quickly Increase Website Traffic posted at Internet Business Blog By John Szram.

maria gudelis presents Advertising on Craigslist?why not?it?s FREE! posted at Maria Gudelis.

Raymond presents The Best Credit Card Rewards For Google Ads and Search Advertising posted at Money Blue Book.

Traffic2mypage presents Increase web traffic by diversion setups on Facebook posted at, saying, "How to use facebook to divert traffic from facebook"

James Hills presents Five Ways RSS and RSS Feeds can Help Your Business posted at mhn Integrated Online Marketing.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of
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using our
carnival submission form.
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