Friday, August 22, 2008

Buzz! It's Yahoo Buzz!

I’m back from two weeks of agony. Just kidding. I was taking our midterms exams, unfortunately the results came out and I did not top. Haha. (What’s funny?)

Okay.Hey guys. Do you know which website who’s got the most traffic in the whole wide world web? Its Yahoo! Haha. I know you know.

Of course you may have run across this same article already but it’s worth reading if you haven’t pinned the Yahoo Buzz button on you every blog post. Yes! The Yahoo Buzz button. It’s a Digg style button which viewers can vote for your article. Articles with the most votes ends up on the Yahoo Homepage itself!

I won’t be wasting my time (and yours) repeating what’s been said on the page you’re going to visit. Read them yourself!

Click here: right here.

Come try its power by click this button:

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