Saturday, August 2, 2008

Buy Me a Beer Plug-in Hack for Blogger Blogs

Jealousy was what I felt when I see blogs when a Buy me a Beer plug in. The more I thought of it the more gusto it is for me to transfer to a wordpress blog. But then the power of hacking was called forth and was wielded into play. Haha

Anyway, you guys may have seen a similar post, but mine is simply better. Simply the best. haha


  • Log in to Paypal. If you don’t have an account sign up here.

  • Once you’re in click the Merchant Services tabs.

  • Scroll to the middle part until you see the Key features links on the right side, then click Donations.

  • Fill in the blank for Donation Name/Service:

  • Just leave the Donation ID and amount blank (leaving the amount blank will enable them to enter any amount like 100$ or 250$)

  • Select any button type but it doesn’t matter really.

  • Select no for button encryption.

  • Press create a button.

  • You will be provided with two links. One is an HTML for your website and the other is for your email or forum signature. Now copy the latter into a Wordpad or Notepad or better use MS word.

  • To be included in your blog’s html, we need to parse the code. Change all & to & (press CRTL + F, click replace tab and click replace all)

  • You will now replace with your paypal code the text in the red part, replace the TEXT in blue with the desired text to precede the code, and lastly, replace the ANCHOR Text to be displayed in blue with the desired text you want to contain the code.

<div style='float:center;'>
<p><strong>TEXT<a href="YOUR PAYPAL PARSED LINK">Anchor Text to be Displayed</a></strong></p>


  • Go to layouts. Click Edit HTML. Check the expand widget box.

  • If you want the plug-in to appear at the end of your post enter the code immediately below this code:

<div style='clear: both;'/> <!-- clear for photos floats -->

  • If you can’t find the code above, use your brain and find something similar. haha

  • If you wan to appear it immediately after the Post Title then post the code below this code:

<div class='post-header-line-1'/>

  • But if you want, you can have the code on both locations.

Now you have it! It’s that easy unless you aren’t following the steps. So if you find this helpful buy me a coffee! Click link below. haha

If you want to post a code on a blogpost but isn't shown as an HTML, then you need to parse it, use this HTML escaper.

here is a sample on how it also looked on my Pinoy Models Blog.

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