Monday, July 28, 2008

Why Google demoted my Pagerank

Google has declared war against Payperpost for the main reason of link buying. Linking to a site is a vote for that site thereby increasing its chances of getting a high PR. Google does penalize those blogs who’re selling links and you would be sorry during PR time for your PR will be demoted.

Sadly, if I could have known that this is the case beforehand then I could have removed all the payperpost links from all my blogposts. Otherwise, Google would have retained my precious PR 3.

On the other hand, some established blogsites argued about Google’s PR’s importance as they have gained constant traffic from their loyal readers and from their social bookmarking fans. As a newbie like me, PR is vital to my site’s recognition on the Google search engine.


Those who are members of Payperpost, like me, with links not removed will surely find their PR reduced to zero.

Still don’t get it? Okay. In each of your review or article of a site or a product you’re paid to compose you are asked to link back to the advertiser’s homepage. That is equivalent of selling a link.

Why it is bad is because according to Google, those links are not natural. It is against their PR criteria. Google can trace those tags and can determine if they are paid for or not.

Unfortunately for me, my PR has been demoted by Google for that reason even though I haven’t been approved by Payperpost yet. Huhu.

Let’s not oppose Google

Regardless of what “established” bloggers have said Google is still the boss. Just look at mighty John Chow, at the outset, he declared that PR is something not to be concerned of. Now he raises a white flag and predominantly declared “Ok Google, we surrender”. Hmm.

In an attempt to avoid further damage, Payperpost has launched a new service entity called IZEA. It is a revolutionary sponsored blogpost marketplace that bloggers using SocilaSpark can choose to monetize their blog.

So when will be the next PR time? Comment please your answer because I don't know.

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free psp themes said...

don't do PPP opportunities anymore.. The big G hates PPP i think.. just work on getting back your PR.. good luck..

abdul said...

Try to get number of links from dofollow blogs..
Start building links... It definitely helps you..
And..Do not try to give huge external links from home page.. it leaks your pr.

shawn said...

haha. okay then.. hehe thanks for commenting.. haha