Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Autolinker: Add your Link to my Site!

Visit this project's official blog: click here

This is my new project 'til the turn of the first semester; to get 1000 blogsites/websites listed on my blog.

The rules are simple:

(1)Add your link.
(2)provide a link back to (my personal/portal blog).

Exchange links is what I mean. Before I add your blog to my own list, add my blog first, because I'll check it. Add your blog below!

I encourage blogs that are about yoga, modeling, adsense, meditation, exercise, money making online, blogging tips, traffic tips, humor, and health and fitness.

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Elizabeth Day said...

Is that your picture on the right? The swimmer? WOW! My blog is not what you encourage, but I hope you will find it worthy.

asian blogger said...

so sorry for the delay. i have not updated my blog. was away. anyways, we love brent chua!