Sunday, October 14, 2007

what time is it? hmm, it's our vacation

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The worries for grades below the 2.0 cut off, the crammings of a lazy boy and the wakings up for a very early class are now over. Now I can go couching like a mashed potato in front of a tv set or reread a novel from my collection.

I’m not lying if I tell you guys how much I miss school, because there’s no more chitchat with friends on the Wrocklage Yard, no more soporific ambience of the renovated library and no more chicharon selling which my friends hungered for and they are all far better than by just sitting around and staring at the wall with "laser" eyes.

It was just yesterday when I woke up at 6, packed up my clothes, head straight to SM and receives the award for the most punctual dork on our sembreak getaway. We are with ten newfound KOREAN friends Mark, Gump, Neil, Nick, Luna, Sony, Scofield (are you a fan?), Curt, Jimmy and hmm (sorry I forgot your name!). We had fun moments at Blue Reef Beach Resort, like, when frenetic Gump skidded to the side of the boat and then the water started pouring in, ha! Help! My friend quickly snatched the life jacket because she doesn’t know how to swim on a 20-foot deep seawater! OMG! Hmm. Amazingly, I realized that I applied the first rule of life, which is never to panic. The boatman quickly unfilled the canoe by scooping the water out using a dipper. Now that’s a boy scout! Another is when three friends (I dunno who) grabbed me by the ankles and at my arms and flipped me like a lifeless skimboard when we reached a 5-foot deep white-sand area in the middle of the sea! Getting into the boat proved to be difficult especially when you’re heavy. Gump again broke the bamboo thingy of the left wing of the boat. How destructive of him!

Although there’s a language barrier between us it did not pose as a threat to the fun moments. Like when Gump murdered a song, when Neil and I rushed from where we grilled pork cuts to breathe for fresh air (smoke really can kill you, now I know how it is to die on a fire!), and when Sony freaked out after she knew when I told her that chicharon is actually of pork skin.
I never heard of Soju (a Korean wine) until they told me what it is. They even invited me to their academy to try some, wow! I really miss them all. And though they’re older than me by three or eight years they’re so childlike you can’t even think you’re with adults!
I’ll stop right here, I still have to pack my things for another getaway and I hope I wouldn’t be that early, haiz.

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