Thursday, October 4, 2007

When Teri InsuLts FiLipinos

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Points to be made by me:

  • Teri Hatcher is just an actress for God's sake! So don't put your blame on her!
  • The producers had a very poor research, very outdated that they did not know 'bout the competency of every filipino med.
  • It'll serve as a wake up call so that the controversial NCLEX exam won't repeat itself.
  • We all know that America has a very different kind of humor.
  • It's just a passing remark, like we all say that China is the cradle of all substandard goods in the world.
  • It may be a "pakulo" to get the fire burning, well, the fire has been burning, and now its going to explode like a bomb!
  • We filipinos should care but shouldn't mind, after all, the more we act defensive, the more true it'll become.
  • Teri Hatcher could have refused the script if she's sane enough to sense there's a racial slur on it.
  • I forgot what i was just thinking.hmm This is for now.

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Support said...


This article is good and informative.

yours truly,

Anonymous said...

you filipinos should go get a life. that's what you are, so accept it, admit it. your the forgettable race in the world.