Thursday, August 16, 2007

tHe teacHer I abhOr

Cost accounting are ac17 and and ac16. ac 16 is what I took last year and I have received a fair grade. This sem , ac17 is what I'm taking and unfortunately, Mr. napoleon de la torre who handles the class has more lectures about his clothes ( lacoste and nike and how expensive they are) and commisions on various clients ( like 1.5 million pesos). In turn, since the class is getting disoriented towards accounting, the class have resorted to barrio talks on their own to kill boredom and the teacher.

Since we had our midterms last weekend, the preceding days were a mess because we have to struggle with loads of studyworks compounded by the teacher unwillingness to teach. Since I belong to a block A class for ac17, then, that's one of the reasons probably why he won't discuss because he knows those(class belonging to block A excluding me) intelligent brats will self-study on their own, he imposed a grade incentive of 1.0 to those top five and 1.1 to those top 6-10 midterm grades, regardless of previous grades incurred and NC ( no credit) to those who did not even top the tenth.

The tenth got a score of 38/50--automatically 1.1 grade. those who got a grade of 37 and below obviously will have their grades computed according to their actual weights. and NC will be shown just for simplification purposes for midterms.

It's so ironic that i got 36/50 two raw points short into getting 1.1, and as levied upon poor students like me, i will have a grade of NC, actually 2.3, for midterms. The two point spread mean the end of the world. 1.1 and 2.3 is a huge difference and will actually put you on a higher rank on the dean's list. But I can't do anything to stop my prof's crazy ideas. He will even absent for a day (most of the time) if his racket job will bathe him plenty of lettuce. And if ever his present, the boring talk about clothes and monies he'd got proceeds , although he discusses relevant accouting stuffs for once in a while.

Spell bitch. that's N-a-p-o-l-e-o-n -d-e-l-a -t-o-r-r-e, just joking ( jokes are half meant!! mind you!!)

And what actually happened just before the miterms was-- I was caught on the horns of dilemma that I can't decide between doing my economics paper stuff or studying ac17. Since I wasn't happy with my current status in ac17, I painfully did type my econ paperwork at 10:00am counting the wrong marks I'll get in AC 17 (which started at 1130) because of the very fact that I haven't learned anything more than 20% of that damn subject ( no exaggeration).

And as the adage goes: "never cry over spilt milk", I'm on my way of moving on, FISHDO. I'll surely find ways to annoy the teacher so as to let him know the wrong things he's doing. I'll continue to talk with friends in his class and will perfect his next exam. (law of attraction must work now!!)

And damn that econ subject!For my paper that I did was a 1.5 ass, too low for a minor!. I could have spent at least 30 more minutes studying ac17. I could have gotten 1.1 and probably have not typed this blogpost.

by the way, I don't know why my new quote generator has stopped working. I have encoded quotes till the end of august...???

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