Sunday, August 12, 2007

Nuts? or noT

We had our midterms this 730 in the morning. And I just can't believe in myself that I totally flanked in spelling that very moment in my life. I spelled professor as proffessor and apparel as aparrel. hmm. Well, I can't blame the onset of mental block. haha. But I feel disconsolate and then anxious to get a hand on my other subject's midterm scores.

MY claasmates invited me to the Serials Library to check out some "new" periodicals.. And I found out after reading RD that I:

  • am hypochondriac-- like, those someone who have coughs and thinks catastrophically that they have lung cancer.

  • Have pack-rat syndrome-- it's pathological hoarding. Pack rats feel the world is out of whack if they don't have all their things. I just am incapable of throwing away rubbish, even the trashy-looking papers and drafts seemed priceless to me that I think I'm gonna use it anytime! Freud would call anyone like me as anal-retentive. This syndrome is related to OCD...hoeee...

  • A friend of mine needs psyhological help because she kept on apologising to inanimate things and calling them (like stuff toys) names. That's magical thinking only typical to four-year-old kids. But for an adult? If she's joking or just acting tweetums to get somebody's attention then fine, but if it isn't then she see a doctor and apologize to him.

  • My weird mannerisms of gripping hems of clothes with my forfinger then pressing it with my thumb is absolutely ridiculous according to my sister. But it's actually a psychological leak, that I never outgrow the need for comfort.

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