Thursday, August 23, 2007

Between pimpLes and AssigNmenTs

If you're not gifted with a first-class gene pool then an extension through the wee hours means dark, puffy, raccoon eyes and ripe pimples in the morrow. And then you start watching what you eat especially oily ones because even the smallest zit my triple the next day.

I'm always caught between the trade off of doing assignments for tomorrow's class or to sleep early not to get pimples. If I don't do my assignment then I'm so dead for tomorrow. Bu if I don't sleep early, then a wishful thinking of not getting a breakout is the most optimistic thing to do for a vainglorious freak, methinks.

We sometimes are caught in the horns of dilemma in life, even simple ones. Certain circumstances may blur one alternative and flaunt the other. You may ask yourself, "am I going to get a $50 haircut on my 50 cent head? Am I to eat baked ziti at Sbarro's for brunch or the inexpensive spag at Jobee?"

These small doubts mean big, for they provide the very foundation of of our judgments and maturity. Small deeds of everyday reflects our personality and of what we have become. Family upbringing and peer pressure may spell the way you spend your monster bank accounts but self-responsibility is still the preponderant. What you spend for boozing up can be an alternate savings for a pretty good investment in the future.

As for me, typing this essay this late at night may mean being posted on a weekend newspaper and pimples. Pimples and beauty fade overtime. And students like me should look closer at the libra between long-term benefits and short-term satisfaction.

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