Friday, April 20, 2007

RatRace: deep contemplation

(Note: assume you’re a grown up)

Sometimes when I looked at people, differences are blurred. I look at Chineses and I see one billion people with the same kinky eyes, flat noses and pink lips. I look at Americans and I see 250 million people with white pale skin, long noses and thin lips. Don’t get me? It’s like seeing a pair of identical twins, completely congruent you can’t tell who’s who. Now you get me.

The day at the final judgment God does the same. Because he doesn’t see us with our rolex watches in our wrists, because he doesn’t see us wearing Armani suits, because he doesn’t see our the dozen credit cards in our wallets and because we don’t arrive on the Heaven’s gate with a limo, God sees us equal, differences cast out and he judges us based on our actions.

Everyday in our lives we’ve forewarned about the doomsday. We’ve been spoonfed all about those moralities and ethics we already know but we hardly care about. We seem to pay no heed. We’re blinded with the pretty mundane things, the luxuries we sought. We worked hard for money, earn them, pay taxes and spend what’s left. We raise children, earn more money, pay more taxes and spend more for a growing family and then no more left. We’re trapped in a RatRace, eventually our kids we’ll do the same, earn, pay, and spend. History repeats itself for we have not learned anything from the past. But what shall we do to break the chain??!! I myself don’t know because I haven’t learned anything yet but one thing, that in life is a short time spans barely a century or so and that we should live that life not to earn a living but to live a life---worthy, fulfilled, useful. Let’s just assume that money is not real and ultimately, you will care not about it.

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