Monday, April 16, 2007

Practicing good sleeping hygiene

Up all night?! Down all day?!

If you're like me who experience an insomnia season every year, then better read this post. This might be helpful....

Fortunate for most, tangling with the blanket, staring at the ceiling or counting a thousand sheeps as the sunrises or the alarm cries---caused by anxiety about a debut to attend, an unfinished task or a presentation---will pass in a day or two. But for others like me, experiencing an insomnia season---stretch to five days and more, causes further stress, exhaustion during the day and sickness ( cough and colds).

So to combat insomnia, here's a set of helpful tips for setting a healthy sleep sked:
  1. Set up a solid routine. organize your sked so you can go to sleep and wake up around the same time each day. Such scheduling will train your body to sleep when you need it and wake feeling rested.

  2. No naps. Even if you had a lousy night's sleep, don't nap during the day. Daytime napping will only make it harder for you to fall asleep during the night. If you must nap, push your bedtime by an equivalent amount of time.

  3. Dump distractions. The bedroom should be for sleep, so put the computer, and radio in the living room. Keeping them in your room will only distract you from the task of sleeping.

  4. Get out of of the bed. If you find urself having a difficulty falling asleep, don't stay in bed staring at the clock. Instead, move to another room and read a book until you feel sleepy again. The return to bedroom to fall asleep.

  5. make a list. If anxiety about everything you need to get done is keeping you up, write a list of your undone tasks, so you can put them aside mentally.

  6. Skip caffeine and alcohol. caffeine may wake you up and a glass of wine before bedtime will knock you down, but neither beverage allows your body to do it naturally.

  7. know it.

  8. ThinK positively, evrything will follows.

The above list is based on Psychology Today's April 2007's issue. Now her's my additions, they work for me, maybe they'll do the same for you...

  1. Think of Nothing. Free your mind or everthing or let your mind wander, effortlessly.

  2. Relax your muscles. count backwards, coz it has an unconstructive thingy effect on ur brain, simultaneously, relax your muscles starting from your forehead down to your toes. then point your eyes upward beneath your closed eyelids.

  3. Imagine. Imagine that you're in your fave place, like in the beach or in a paradise, or floating in seawater or whatever...----it will help you relax....

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