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a post for april 13, 2007
I haven’t secured yet a coat for tomorrow’s affair. My friend Michi will have her debut party at the second six. Six four hours from more and I’m screwed. If I come w/o a coat then I can’t get in Chateau de Busay, if I can’t get in then disaster for me.

To rent or not to rent, to go or not to go. Those are the questions, whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer, the yawyaw of tita Bambi and the lagot of Michi, of outrageous fortune. If I be dead today then I’ll have the greatest alibi not to come. Then I won’t rent and then I won’t go. But should I be dead?? Oh pity me!! I’m getting delirious!!

(Out of my mind, be back in 5 minutes…)

Maranga is trying to get a hand of her uncle’s coat. But I’m pretty sure her uncle is 51% likely to refuse to lend it to me. After all, we’re not friends nor we are acquainted. But to hope is the best thing I can do.

Two days ago we found ourselves at the back of USC, at the Sanciangko st. Three boutiques lined up offering similar items at diff. prices. The first shop offered 400 for a coat, the second, 350 then the last is 250. The first two shops rents out authentic ones and the last hasn’t any brand tags on their coats. I’m not trying to be picky, but halur even you won’t spend a quarter grand just for an ingenuine.( hahaiz!!, usa ra pajud ka sul-ob)

As of this writing, Maranga hasn’t arrived yet from laag. I went to their house a couple of hours ago but her sister said “ wa diri” with an I’m-not –interested tone, plus a face perfectly stuck to the computer!! Oh my!! That’s how you treat guests?! Anyway, nahinumduman nko na niborrow ko ato for third year prom but an honest friend of mine, as I met him during the prom, blurted out na mora daw duster ang Americana k dako daw kaau…..hahaiz!!

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