Friday, April 20, 2007

Old set of Rules

As the popular adage goes, “The children are our future”. I say yes. But how will we become the future if we’re trained constantly using antiquated educational systems governed by a set of old rules??!!

“Go to school, get high grades and have a secure, high-paying job.” That’s what parents would say. I believe that that old cassette works well for people born 50 years ago, but when you advise that to people born in a rapidly changing world, it’s just too risky. Doctors, NURSES, lawyers don’t get paid as they were before. (As they were hailed as the benchmark for success.) Let’s get with the times!! Successful people never heard of college, Madonna, Bill Gates not to mention Oprah. They’ve skipped/quit college in exchange for monster big bank accounts. They’ve calculated each risk and opportunities so well and looked like they’ve done a great job. But I’m not trying to convince you to quit your schooling, nor am I a seductive and articulate writer spreading my own disease of doubt. This is my viewpoint.

Going to school means getting high grades. Getting high grades means graduating summa cum laude. Graduating summa cum laude means a high-end job which eventually makes money, money to spend for everything, from taxes to credit card bills. When we raise our kids they’ll do the same. It becomes routinary. It’s sick and it sucks. Sick and sucks. As our family grows bigger we work harder and our jobs become vitally important. People enroll in Nursing, then go abroad. Some finish accountancy, got tired of low salary, went to school for masteral, got a raise, got new fam members, go to school again and get
Ph. D. then gets a raise. See, it’s completely idiotic and routinary. As I call it a RatRace and we’re trapped in it. Let’s not deny it. Our eyes don’t see it but our mind does and our feelings do.

We study for years in college and enroll with useless subjects which prepare us for the world which no longer exists. We’re bound with national debt because some politicians never went to college or if they did, the antiquated educational system prepared them for yesterday’s dreams. What shall we do??!! I say financial intelligence. Let’s learn how to cultivate our financial IQ because I believe that the root of all evil is the lack of money not the love of it or money itself. Lack of money because people mismanaged their finances. Some classmates I know use credit cards for shopping, car gasoline and weekend parties. Never thinking that their parents will suffer the burden of monthly credit bills.
My writing starts to pall, I suggest I’ll cut till here and read a book titled rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki which can be bought at nation at 319.00 PhP

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Anonymous said...

sean! irene ni. ning post na ko sa imo friendster. =) glad to know u have a blogger account, too. i have a blog here, but...i doubt its interesting to read.

bizwhiz said...

As Lily Tomlin puts it: “The trouble with being in the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat.” :)