Monday, September 15, 2008

List of Ping Services

Hey guys I'm back after a week of inactivity. I've been busy these days and I started joining a capoeira class last Saturday. haha. Right now I'm under the spell of muscle sore and I am expecting more pains in the future. Please join me in my hoping to learn the perfect head stand, in yoga it is considered as the king of poses (don't ask me why), and the perfect kicks ( so I can kick you butt and I be happy to see you fly off), and the perfect cartwheel. hmm.

Anyway, I've encountered a list of Ping Services while browsing through some famous reads. I will share them to you guys, but never mind this list if you already have this, might as well comment your additional ping services so I can add it here on the long list. If you ask me why I post this list eventhough you already have known of this, well just think that you may have not noticed some of them, or you may have opt not to care about pinging one until you have read this. jaja

Just be cautious about using these pings. After all, they won't bring you a massive traffic as you hope them too. I recommend using the technorati ping, and the feedburner.



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