Sunday, September 7, 2008

hey there!

Hey guys. I'm so sorry for not having any post last week, and for this day. I was so busy and will be for the next days. Unfortunately, my aunts were busy, too, asking me to buys stuffs for them. Because they live in another country and they kinda miss some filipino foods. So that's why. As of this writing I had finished downloading and watching the movie 21. It's really nice. I have a few pages of an Ebook by Stephenie Meyer, Twilight of the Twilight Series. It's not so teeny boppery kind of book.That's why I'm pretty sure you'll gonna love it. Actually, a movie is coming this November, and Cedric Diggory of Harry Potter will star as Edward Cullen on the movie. I had my first post for the "Brazy Sundays" series minutes ago. Just click Pinoymodels Link above and you'll see. Hmm. As you will notice I've got a "slight" problem with time management so this other blog of mine ends up last.

By the way, We've just got our midterm marks, fortunately I failed all four majors of mine. I'm so happy for myself. My parents don't know it yet. But I'm sure they won't scold me for it. They are thinking I am doing my best, when I am not. When I am busy doing other stuffs like selling on and buying stuffs from ebay, a timewaster. I actually end up not having to possess the item I most desired, an Anne rice hardbound. Too bad for me. That seller will receive a slap in the butt. For killing me softly. He did not text whatsoever eventhough I already paid, but a mere say of sending it ASAP. But where is it now? That I do not know.

Anyway, I have to go now. I've been online for more htan 12 hours, with intermittent breaks of course, otherwise I'm scooping my eyeballs this moment. I'll be doing yoga and will take some midnight baths before I go to sleep. My back is getting stiff and my neck needs a little twist. bye! see ya! Just read my latest Carnival. It's a great help! I promise.

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