Thursday, July 5, 2007

the circumstantial demise, the lost cause, the annoying teacher and the aftermath

I have a three hour break during my tth classes. From 1200nn to 300pm. I rushed to the not-so nearby emall because I have nothing to do with my break other than to read national geos from the new bookshop in emall.haha I squatted on their floors without minding the irritable shoppers passing over me ( since I was squatting..).
As the axiom goes-- "Caveat temptor" or literally time flies while your having fun, Time did fly and the next thing i knew after reading about saturn and pharaoh tuk is its a las tres y ocho de la tarde and I'm screwed , I'll be absent on my next class and i'm not gonna report na.

Thank God!!, I say when I reached school and the tick-tock reads 5 before three. Oh my Gawd!! I have'nt read anything yet about my topic!! (swot analysis on the merging of pfizer-pharmacia)

My feet took me to the second floor en la biblioteca, scan some notes from a famous book, then head for room 332. Ellos ya rezado ( they already prayed) but still I'm not late...heheh

The other groups reported and i took the hot stand last, 15 minutes before the bell rang.


  1. I reported last (we have the same topic) which means I have to repeat some of what they had said.

  2. Teacher is bookish so he appreciates those earnest students who also are bookish

  3. He is boastful and kinda know-it-all.

  4. His hobbies include interupting and correcting

  5. The temperature was freakin' cold

  6. We passed the output last meeting some did not bcoz there just stupid students (joke!!)

  7. And hell I dunno if he ever speaks spanish!! (he corrected me when I said Una momento por favor and I know I pronounced the word right!!)

  8. i have lo-as (mouth sores), meaning maglisod ko og speak

The aftermath of the Disatrous report:

He said-- since I'm reading my newly written kodigo, he will just give our group ( represented by me) the grade of 1.3.

Bad feelings:

It's unfair k ang usa ka group k nagda og kodigo daun iya gitagaan og flat 1.0. Bookish jud to siya na reporting nila kay nakaprepare man sila, k wala man sila ni pass last meeting so naa silay luxury of time to memorize the book and bring kodigo. Dili pajud kabaw mo english ang ngreport, last minute na jud to na reporting so wala nakoy time to really explain things which most did not understand...niingon jud sya na ayaw nalang to iingon and explain k walay nay time. Na mispronounce pa jud ko sa ubang words k naa lagi ko loas....daun i tried to capture the audience (hell...I know I'm a good reporter, and everyone seems to think so..hahah!!) so he corrected me (see above). And na stage fright ko k I dont know the people Im talking to. Bisag unsaon nimo og report sa long report basta naay time constraint maglisod jud ka. I appeared the unintelligent brat and wham! i got a black eye, Dali rajud ko mafeel down and embarassed. That's why im writing this. My groupmates agreed with me na unfair teacher jud sya mas maau jud si Sir figues ( hi sir!!) k dli jud bookish daun dli ka ipressure sa time. hahaiz....

lesson learned:

  1. make the most out of a given situation.

  2. lessons are best learned the hard way

  3. accept nalang the decision, the 1.3 was really not the issue, but the unfairness

  4. align myself to the teacher, if you don't want to get 5.0

  5. be bookish and get a copy of the book jud ( k wala baya koy libro2, honest!! ning ana ko kabrayt!!haha)

  6. If you made a good decision and the outcome was bad, still, the decision was good. ( enroll in a statistics class and youll understand why..hehe)

  7. I'm still the intelligent sean ever since, así, no problemo.

  8. Be proactive, don't blame the teacher even if the teacher is to blame.

I have to go because i'm more than two hours na here in the cafe.

voy a ir, porque tengo que hacer mucho deberes, especialmente en BA46. Mi aconsejar hasta esos quien valorar en menos del valor real me ---teach your grandmother how to suck eggs...

translatation: I have to go na k daghan pa ko asyments esp. BA46 and my advise sa mga tao na mo underestimate nako.... (idiom meaning) dont correct me beacuse I know better than you do.

soy recogiendo loco. I'm getting crazy na jud...hahaiz...hasta la vista.

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