Monday, June 4, 2007


Mood: not in high spirits

I am busy today. Enrolment for the third year is going on and unfortunate for me, my schedule had not been typed so I have to stagger my way up to the third floor to line with unfortunate fellas. The University , I guess, has little sympathy over those hungry children who made their way to school without breakfast. HAHA. I did not print my study load. And i just ask my helpful friend ( soon-to-be-adsense friend also!!) to arrange my not so cohesive sked so as not to wake me up early than the worms in the morning and sleep later than the nocturnals in the night.

Im typing at a nearby ineternet cafe ahora mismo with an empty stomach. And i'm going to launch soon my new blog about insurance: You probably know that I want to earn income from adsense that is why I have to create a blog about insurance since they possess the most high paid keywords in the google adsense books.heheh
Hope Google won't persecute me for doing so. The worst thing that could happento me is to have all my blogs and domains flagged as blocked. HUHU Hasta la vista!

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