Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mother Earth

It's more than physical displacement travel that is. For in a small panel window, I worked my eyes to the fleeting scenery. From the fish ponds that has been dried by the sun remains soil cracks and there burst a putrid smell of decaying fishes. To the fields of corn that bowed as if a thousand hair blowers withered them yellow. Garbage piled on the shoulders of the road seemed like a ruck controlled for a passing parade. Smoke and dust boiled together and hung like high puffs as if dissipating dry ice for a theater play.

The journey preoccupied my eyes with unfamiliar sights (and strangely familiar ones) that my mind drifted to wandering. The mental trip drove down into a deep contemplation. Then I sang an incantation, bowed my head, rested my cheeks on my clenched fists and dug my elbow unto my legs. I wished to revive Mother Earth with a single flick of my hand. Gaea cries. But we will never hear her cry if our eyes are fastened to a flatscreen and our ears blasted with the sound of the iPod. Mercy us, for Mother Earth cries not for herself but for her children. We will never hear her cry lest we be flooded like crops. Until we're burned in a wildfire. Blown by a typhoon or until casualties run to an infinite reckoning.

Let's save Mother Earth or we suffer!! Let's save Mother Earth and the future will be saved!!

I arrived at the terminal filling my lungs with the familiar city scent.
"What did I take home from that journey?" I asked myself. I realized that some decisions can't be put off. And that we're not caught in the horns of dilemma not to act.

I felt some future dreams are chasing me as I traveled. My joruney gave me the required distance for the enormous picture to show itself. I realized that everyday travel provides us pieces to the great puzzle and that it won't take a lifetime to reveal what's hidden on that puzzle. If only there are clearer signs and efficient clues to streamline the process.

Everything is part of the great puzzle. But to act to save Mother Earth has already been shown.

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