Saturday, April 28, 2007

Five of the Best April Fool's Day Pranks

Defying Gravity

In 1976, British Astonomer patrick Moore announced on radio a once in a lifetime astronomical event that would momentarily lessen the erath's gravity. Hundreds of listeners jumped into the air at precisely 9:47am as specified by Moore. One woman insisted she and eleven of friends had floated in the room.

Spaghetti Trees

sometimes seeing is not believing. After watching footage of Swiss farmers pulling spaghetti strands from trees on the BBC news show. Panorama in 1957, viewers called the station demanding to know how they could grow their own spaghetti trees.

TV Magic

In 1962, a Swedish TV station's techical expert went on the news to demonstarte how viewers could convert their black and white TV Transmissions to colour--by pulling a nylon stocking over their TV screens. Hundreds of thousands followed suits, hoping for magic and a bit of colour in their lives.

Off the Map

In 1977, British newspaper The Guardian had an innovative idea for its travel supplement. Using printing technology, the team invented San Seriffe, a small country in the Indian Ocean made up of semi-colon shaped islands, including Upper Caisse and the Lower Caisse.

Left-Hand Burgers

Burger Kings Left hand burgers takes the prize for the product development. Customers turned up at restaurants requesting the new burger, entirely identical to the original, save for its condiments rotated 180 degrees to better serve its left-handed consumers.

Source: Rdasia april 2007,

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