Sunday, June 15, 2008

Remove WinSpyprotect Rogue antispyware with this tool instantly!

I've been honestly bothered with this supposed antispyware: Winspyprotect. I've downloaded lots of Antivirus programs and scanners just to get rid of it. None of them worked but Combofix when my computer student friend told me.


A pop-up usually after booting will say 25 threats detected.
They'll issue fake warnings that says spywares are on your computer or you're under attack by a hacker with an I.P. address of so and so.

They'll trick you into buying their full version which will never remove the problem, because the problem is the antispyware" itself"

I command you to remove this Rogue Antispyware Now! click here but read their tutorial first to properly run the program, on the site a link is provided to download the said program.

Or else, it will secretly import ZLobs and other spywares that steal your personal data.

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shawn said...

hi sean...

Anonymous said...

This supposed WinSpyprotect software company's creator(s) should be, must be sued - class action by all injured parties, in a United States Court, and an Injunction issued closing the company down immediately.

I have never seen such an atrocious monsterish company as is Enigmasoftware corporation. There are laws, inclusive of malicious internet trespass, to protect people from such scumbags as these people are.

Checking out their website's ownership connections, we have:

Administrative Contact:
Enigma Software Group, Inc.
Colorado Stark (
2 Stamford Landing
Suite 100
Stamford, CT 06902

I have hated some evil internet doers in my time, and these people are right up there with the worst of them.

The amount of difficulty that people are having to go through just to remove them, the fact that they have somehow HIDDEN their system so you can't, by your own choice, remove it, constitutes a Tort Damage under the law.

A Class Action for Tort Damage is in order. The hours that people spend removing this vile horror from their Privately Owned Computer Property must be compensated for.

Someone should make and keep a list of the growing number of injured parties who have fallen victim to these vermin.

I am, respectfully,

Dr Dale Livingston, DLC, JD, JYD, tms

shawn said...

yeah, you're right. hmm. so have you deleted the adware? people who come across this post doen's seem to leave a comment 'til you thanks! I want to know whether combofix worked for you...

Anonymous said...


your search was a little too short. The people behind winspywareprotect are listed here:

The company mentioned in the post above clearly declares winspywareprotect as malware (amongst many others)!

Sometimes it seems not that easy to see, who is one of the good or one of the bad ones.

Sarah Hall said...

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