Thursday, June 12, 2008

Free Ad Post! and when I need a job...

Hello friends, enemies, readers, bloghoppers, aliens and whatever, in case you haven't noticed my name above, then I have to say this once again; my name is Seanjames Camello. I'm a BSA-4 (that's Bachelor of Science in Accountancy for the uninitiated). My current study load is just 21 units per week, that's 4 and4.5 boring hours listening to boring teachers MWF and TTH respectively. Anyway, my point is, I need a job as a tutor for Koreans and Japanese etc. That's all. Because I have a lot of free useless time that I can spend for earning big bucks. (Then I can pay for my Internet connection!)

If you know somebody ( Korean and etc.) who's in dire need of a private tutor, online or not (if not then he/she must be based in Cebu), then please tell her/him to contact me.

My Contacts:

Phone: 0923-4468613

Tell him/her not to worry because I have a 1.0 grade in speech (haha...I'm serious, so don't laugh!). I have 5 or more openings because a lot of my friends are willing to work part-time too.

On the other side of the globe, as my blog title tells you:Free Ad Post!, then I must tell you something about it, otherwise I'll lose your readership. Here it is; my friend told me that anyone can post advertisements for free online. All you have to do is to obviously click the blue large-font phrase three lines above. And then its up to you to explore the site regarding what it's all about. haha ( you can also click here darling!)

Of course if you're like me, searching for job opportunities, then you'll find the site useful. You can also find job offerings and other stuffs for sale like services and personal items, as well as dreaded/likened dirty old man looking for your "company" there.

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