Thursday, June 5, 2008

Increase your Brainpower now!

As I was reading the January issue of Reader's Digest mag I found these tips on how to increase brainpower. Check them out; these might help you prepare yourself before taking an exam or before taking the MENSA test.

1. Learn a word and use it often or work it to conversations.
2. Play Devil's advocate (I don’t know if it's a game or just an idiom)
3. Brush teeth with the wrong hand.

4. Take a shower while eyes are closed.
5. Solve a Soduku.
6. Take fish oil supplements or better eat oily fish instead.
7. Walk to work or to somewhere else using unfamiliar routes.
8. Meditate.
9. Talk to someone you don't know. (It’s better than you talking to yourself...hehe)
10. Watch Countdown.
11. Avoid Caffeine at least a week before an important test. (So I think no apples and iced teas. got it?)
12. Memorise your shopping list.
13. Take modafinil (that’s a drug to cure epilepsy; I forgot how it works here).
14. Visualize a mental route and walk around the house blindfolded, it will increase your spatial intelligence.
15. Put 12 objects on a tray. Memorize their location and get someone to move a few things about and then guess which moved.
16. Solve word power, anagrams.

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Shaheen Lakhan said...

Thanks for submitting this post to our blog carnival. We just published the 35th edition of Brain Blogging and your article was featured!

Thank you.