Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Toothpaste

Ayaw pagdrama sean…

Karen Sadaya grabbed me by the wrist and said, “ Sean, Bond Party?” I said, “What?” “What the hell is that?” If not for my declining IQ then I could have processed the information at a speed of 200Mbps. Seconds elapsed but still…until she finally said, “March JPIAN Elections?”
Oh! How Pentium 1 of me!
She was going downstairs and I upstairs. I replied with a waving hand a half smile and a pounding heart, “I’ll think.” Oh my God! I’m getting famous!
I was a JPIAN (Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants) officer way back in first year college. I was assigned at logistics and it was me who is running for signatories and paperworks kicked me out of class (cutting classes is what I meant). It was when Ms. Didi, the department secretary, laughed at my jokes, offered me some roasted peanuts, and Mr. Matero who praised me as the “future leader”.
It girl Missy is my opponent actually. When Earl broke gently, gently my world broke also. Missy is going to win and I know it. She’s the popular one not me. And in our modern world today popularity weighs 99%. Too bad. “Now everyone’s not going to see my name up in the lights”, I said to myself.
I’m not withdrawing my candidacy. Proud Sean is a toothpaste. And once the toothpaste is out of the tube it’s hard to get it back in. I’ll try anyway because I believe that anything can happen in a split second. Right? (Just say yes damn it.) She may be hit by a car. Just joking! Knock on wood please! Vote buying? A Choco Mucho bar for everyone? What am I thinking? Is this a sign of desperation? What will I do to win the election? A power speech? I guess all I need to do is to try my best. Because in trying failure tastes like success. I’ll be a champion of a lost cause and there’s no point of denying that.

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