Friday, November 16, 2007

The Actuality of College Life

It's a two-week dust that's on my blog right now. And I'm going to clean it up by a new entry. hmm. Anyway, I don't want you guys to think that I'm just one of those amateur frenetic bloggers who keep posting and posting, view stats every now and then and then die out the next day, and neither am I a professional blogger who gets thousand of hits everyday. I’m just a poor ordinary kid on the block vaporizing my thoughts…

We go to school to get a high-end job. We get a high-end job to live a high life-the bottom life of everything. But you don’t need to go to school to get a high-end job nor to get a high-end job to have a high life. Some inspiring rags-to-riches stories provide a living proof (like a construction worker for seven years got involved in a multi-level networking company and now touring the world). But what’s the point of swimming on a multitude of books burning your brows with the midnight candle? Ay, there’s the rub, Oprah and Gates never have to go to school to have a high life. They scooped millions without getting a job. Bill Gates has a business and that’s not a job. Oprah has her talk show, she enjoys it, and she never considers it as job.
Okay let’s cut the crap.
I have a friend who sleeps till three at dawn, gets an average score and fret over it. I have another friend who does the same, gets a low score and cry over it. It’s a matter of absorption levels, sadly, the latter provides low productivity, and so I guess she has to sleep ‘til six! It’s a funny thing though, but some really grab the top score without sleeping ‘til the wee hours, hangs at the highest point of his IQ and gives out a boisterous laugh. But what you do in college doesn’t dictate your future, it only influences. Einstein, Gates and Dell were dropouts, mind you, but they’re smart and charismatic that’s why! It’s a mixture of brains and brawn topped with X-factor and attitude.
For me, we should not take our college life to the deepest part of hearts because if we fail it hurts so badly. Let’s take life easy but not for granted (but I’m not a seductive writer spreading my own disease of doubt).
My economics teacher’s nerd sister flew with flying colors as a Magna cum Laude in Accountancy, became the instant favorite of their parents, ships her things on a freight for a review and then flunks out on the exam.She never got a job on accounting. She ended up taking up Library Science and then she now digs her face on a pile of dusty old books (and also new ones of course). Por Vida!
But Magna cum Laude? Imagine the praises of friends and the pride of the family, the glitter among the graduates, and a 24-hour fame when you make it full-page on a newspaper!
The euphoria of being Magna cum Laude or passing the Board exam has but a shelf life of a few weeks, after which, one blends in a thousands of those jockeying for positions. Let’s not define success as just passing the Board exam or finishing with honors. Resting on laurels gets us to nowhere (as my summa cum laude grandma’s cousin is doing). Brain and brawn plus X-factor and the right attitude get successful people going. We weave our tapestry of success, we choose our design, and the threads are ad infinitum. Adieu.

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