Sunday, September 2, 2007

Your own Zlio Shop Online!

I have just came across with this thing I've seen from my read blog. Well, this is a very cool news to those who want to earn without paying for something. Zlio shop is an online shop, all for free. How it's different from amazon lies on your full control on your adsense appearing on your shop. You earn from selling and you earn from adsense too!!
And why apply for Zlio Shop? Here it is:

1. You earn commissions each time you sell a product you have selected from three millions of items from hundreds of the most well-known Internet retailers.

2. You earn from selling as well as from adsense, just like you do with your own blog!

3. It is promoted by Google's Adsense itself, so you won't become a worrywart thinking it's a bogus. I learned this from a reliable blogger which also learned from the Adsense blog itself!

You don't need that damn html skills of yours just to put up the shop. hehe. All you have to have is to read, type and read again and then advertise to online forums or to your messenger or to your blog and phew! Shortly after you've set up shop, your site will automatically be referenced by the main search engines and will attract visitors with no efforts on your part

On how to add adsense to your blog are these steps, according to Adsense Blog:

1. Select a general template for your shop.
2. Create your own shop by choosing among the available products.
3. Once you have selected products, go to My Zlio Shop > Revenue Model > AdSense for my shop.
4. If you aren't an AdSense publisher yet, you can apply for an account through Zlio. If you already have an AdSense account, enter your AdSense e-mail address and your current zip code.
5. Log into AdSense and grant access to Zlio to use your publisher ID by clicking on My Account > Account Access.
6. Go back to your ZlioShop, where you'll be able to view your products and relevant Google Ads.Try Zlio and you will be impressed of how easy it is to earn money. Proceed to sign up. Or check out my shop first.

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Balaji Sundararajan said...

Hi Shawn,

Have you tried You can complement your other online shops. You get wholesale prices that you can mark up to retail. Also, all purchases take place in your store, so you have tracking accuracy on sales.
Bravisa is 100% free and there is no limit on the number of stores or products. It takes < 2 minutes.
Good luck!