Thursday, August 23, 2007

When I touched WernEr's Innocence

A friend of mine, same age as me, has this kinda naive essay assignment:

Luckily, this got posted by me, ahahaha.
Posted as it is written, no plus, no minus.

Here it is:

Ten years's from now, everybody think's of changing because the earth is round. Now all things is hi-tech we can use computer for email, cell phone, not to go in telephone station. That's all things example of changing. Maybe I become a succesfull businessman, policeman president, arthist, doctor and senator. That's all occupation is my ambition in my life. But now study first before my ambition is get. I hope that in my future all my ambition is come. I hope that in the fututre all people in this planet will be a good parents so that their child is not learned bad words.
That's all my creative mind say's there's many in my mind but. I cannot explain all because its so hard for me to transleat in English.

Hey you, c'mon, don't laugh. His intentions are obvious in his essay. I hope that someday, as he said it, all of us will become good parents for our kids, so that they'll learn english well...hahah!!!

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vk said...

oo nga...........essay way nga.....

thanks for sharing this....

yes, the ball is round and always turning not only up and downs but all directions..............