Wednesday, August 8, 2007

AlgoriThm MarcH and thE E-HoW

Obviously, a blog without anything you can learn from is not worth the second visit, unless of course it is exceptionally nice and is well-designed that you can't help yourself explore even the last inch of it!

I capture every bit of priceless ideas that's crossing my mind. And if lucky enough they get posted unless I misplaced them anywhere.

You can try Ehow for free blog articles. Me myself Haven't tried it yet but soon.hehe Some people are not gifted with absolute idealism so they sometimes run out of pretty ideas.
One more thing, don't hold your farts too long because it'll run through your spine up to your brain and wham! that explains your shitty ideas.

Now here's a vid from youtube, the algorithm March which, not surprisingly got 909 604 hits and reckoning!

This's shot from CPDRC of Cebu city, Cebu, and that's my place...harhar

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