Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Alone in this Universe

A pingy post.

It's so funny when you think of yourself floating with the stars in the universe, when your outstretched hands make all the heavenly bodies bow before you. On how you perceive yourself as dominant over them. Because they can't move, yes they can but not of their will.We have to make a mark in this lone universe, we have to be somebody. To be noticed means you have to stand tall, make an impression--bad or good. Raise your hand in a class to answer, even wrong ones will do. Smile to people, even strangers will apppreciate the effort. lalang...

Everything we know is just a grain in the sand. We hold the truth, yet its nothing but a fraction of ALL. Grab a piece of clean paper, then put a dot at the center. WEW! The dot is everything on the paper, yet it is nothing to compared to it. We exist together with irony and paradox. Bound with time and space. hmmm....We have a short time to live. Lets live a life!!

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