Thursday, June 21, 2007

Unwanted Teacher

Abhorrence was what I felt for my unwanted teacher--Salisid, CPA. Everybody i knows think she's such a mondo bizzaro, strolling around the campus. She talks like Flitwick of Harry Potter, yes, with the voice that seems like altered by a mixer, thin and pitchy. She's four eyes, chubby and not-so-overdone-make-uper. We had just two meetings with her and my absolute impression was--she's a disaster. My best options would be to withdraw the subject, sleep in her class or long blank stares to the board.

Comments, testis and reviews from her former underlings and pets are:

Taking her subject is fun and games. Don't expect something to learn. You be bamboozled and zero your exams.

Oh my! Just....why in the very hell I'm in her class? I wish I could turn tail, run and zoom out of her class. But who could? who would? I mean we have to be geeks to pass the subject (ac19). I sneaked into Escolano's class (another ac19 teacher) to sit in in his class. I've got a few scribbles and doodles about the topic for the week and the exercise homework. Coinkydinkly, Salisid, the next morning (just this morning), required us to do the exercise and voila! I still have the notes from my sit in. So I copied the whole thing, tossed my copy to my begging classmates and said to myself " Gee, I'm Mr. Know-it-all for now". I felt like a god, an omnipotent (just kidding!).

(checking papers time)

(ehh, not actually checking but discussing the items on the exercise)

There's this happenstance that really gave me a black eye ( embarassment) oh my!! I don't want to talk 'bout it anymore....because what actually happens was a mess. I debated with her with some few items because I thought of what Escolano had given was entirely right.huhu I have no choice but to silence myself for after all, she's my teacher.


I realized that I shouldn't treat her so badly. She's as venerable as any aged, competent teachers in the campus could be!!

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