Monday, March 26, 2007

The tRuth abOut coLLege SuccEsS

In this blog, I can write anything that interests me. From yoga to coin collection, from fitness to college success. Since I'm off with my second year in college, and hopefully to become a third year, then let's talk about what's the heart of college success. I don't want to be called a hypocrite, but continue reading.....hehehe

Wonder how to learn and enjoy at the same time?? Well, not just the bookworm, the nerd and the genius can have fun studying. Hold on a sec? Is it really possible?? There is, I believe, a pleasure-purpose of what is generally known as a tedious requirement of the society. You-the above average student-can have learnung fun. It's just a matter of proper attitude plus the way you look at and repond to thungs, plus on how you make the best of a given situation, minus pessimism.

Evaluate your perspective:

Cat A:

Society requires it

my parents forced me into it

friends and people go through it

people advise it

CAt B:

i will become knowledgeable

i will be better equipped and trained

i will have a sharper competitive edge

i will have greater chances of success

CAt C:

i will cope better with life's ups and downs

i will be a better person

education can draw the best in me

i will be able to answer life's constant questions:

is it true or false??

is it right or wrong??

is it beautiful or ugly??

if you check most of A then you tend to see education as a requirement that must be accomplished, you plow doggedly through the system. earn grades and transcripts, get your college diploma and certificates, but miss the real essence of education.

if you the same with cat B reasons only, you perceive eduaction as a stairway to success. For you, eduaction is a means to an end, a tool. To sharpen your skills, to prepare for the future. But still, it falls short to what educaton really is.

if your rationale falls purely on C then developing personhood, not academic excellence, is the first aim of education. For you a man lives not to earn a living but to live a life--useful, worthy, well rounded.

"whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the grave, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom"

--ecclesiastes 9:10--

based on the book by edna s. leung-yao

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