Friday, March 30, 2007

How friendster, livejournal, google, yaHoo and Me make money online and OUR white lies!!

Friendster, livejournal, google, yahoo, and myspace get hoards of money primarily through ads. Some of you maybe asking yourselves right now how these big-shit-sites rank as top money makers, fill their monster bank accounts when in fact they're'nt billing their surfers??

I've said ads. Ever wondered why some ads says ads by google and what are they doing in your friendster page when you can't even remember you've customized your friendster just to put them in?? Every click you make with those ads means revenue for them, so be careful....hehe. Bottom line- we made them rich in the very first place.

If you try to sign up for a livejournal blog account, a plus account, try to customize those ads that appear, something which goes like this will appear on the right "LiveJournal does ads differently. We want to show you advertising that is relevant to you. To help us do that, please share some of your preferences and information."White lie I suppose. Of course that is true, but could they add something that would suggest that they're making money out of it. Or else, those who don't know are like being fooled.hehe..(just agree with me!!)

Page ranks. Websites in order to get quality high traffic are paying those top 700+ search engines to outrank some sites in a search. That's what you call a backlink. Some I know even pays a $110 per webpage. Oh my!!. And that's the main reason why you get irritated when some search results aren't relevant to what you're really seaching for, right??

If you ask me why in the world I include "me" and "our" in the title...well, It's because friendster and I do the same thing....fool readers..hahaha joke!! Can't you see ads on the right?? Hmm...Well, I'm not a big-shit site nor a famous skilled blogger to take advantage of a high traffic. I don't even have a high traffic for my blogsite!! I hope so,, I've got difficulties on feeding my posts on various sitefeeds and blog directories, but I've got three---bloglines, outpost-earth and technorati.(you can see it on the bottom right)

So if you're really a skilled blogger then you could earn a lot from blog revenues through ads, like what I'm doing. But FYI, as of this writing, I'm still on my $2 mark, and not reckoning.

You can read my older posts for tips on how to do it, you can click on my "real moneymaking links" (when I say real I mean it!) above right. Then watch cool videos I've handpicked from youtube.

If you're in deep gratitude that you've read my helpful posts (assuming) yourself, you can click those ads on the right, anyway. Make me rich!! haha....
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